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A Conversation between my Heart, Brain and my Ego.

This is how my brain tells my heart that everything is going to be ok with my ego occasionally interrupting. Heart: I can’t do this. Brain: You don’t have to. Heart: THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING ME? I’m not going to do it. Cancel it. Cancel everything right now. Don’t change anything about my life. Leave … Continue reading

Bucket List 2013, inshAllah

I think Bucket lists should be generated yearly. So here it is–for 2013, inshAllah. I have all the rights to add more to this list. In my opinion, an established Bucket List makes you more likely to go do these things as a motivation to be able to cross it off. There are a lot … Continue reading

Neurosurgeon. Buddha. The Messenger.

Proof of Heaven is a book about a neurosurgeon’s near-death experience (NDE) when he goes into coma. He miraculously survives to tell us his story. What adds credibility to this book is the fact that the author/protagonist is a neurosurgeon-he knows the ins and outs of every functioning brain cell and when he comes out claiming … Continue reading A perfectly encapsulated morsel of a good experience.

“Not a word passes between us, not because we have nothing to say, but because we don’t have to say anything – that is how, it is between people who are each other’s first memories” ― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner It’s like it was just yesterday. “Ahlan”, the guys would say to each other … Continue reading

A very fresh take on how the ‘E’ in my name wasted 6 months of my life: By Virat Aggarwal

Argument: Virat was originally found guilty mispronouncing my name. Although he eventually learned how to pronounce it right, he continues to defend his position by claiming that by writing down the extra ‘e’ in my name, I may have actually wasted upto 6 months of my life.  He also goes on to explain how the name … Continue reading

You did it Dubai.

You did it Dubai. I had earlier described the awful discriminatory laws of Dubai and expressed extreme disapproval of this place.  Today, I will tell you otherwise. It was half an hour before sunset on a fine August afternoon (6 months after living in Dubai).  I was browsing a menu in one of the outdoor … Continue reading

A Dome, Cube and Minaret

If you put together a dome, a cube and a minaret, you create a mosque. How you put them together, is completely up to you. This is how Fari Hatam did it. a) Dome: In Islamic architecture, the dome represents heaven. “Metaphorically speaking, everyone wants to go to heaven,” says Hatam. “So we applied vertical … Continue reading

Embracing the Gift of India

I am not going to plague this post with the tri-color Indian flag, a black-and-white portrait of Gandhi or with Bollywood Celebrities to remind anybody about India’s strengths. As an Indian Muslim, I myself experienced immense anti-Muslim tensions-I have my share of complaints against India. But that’s not the point. Somewhere along the timeline of … Continue reading

I am so very hungry this Ramadan

It’s the 15th day of Ramadan 2012 and I can tell you that Ramadan was far more rewarding back in Canada than it is in the UAE for the simple reason that it is plagued with consumerism here in the UAE. It has happened with many other festivals. Easter used to be about  rebirth and … Continue reading

Oman: there is more to it than I had ever imagined.

It is night time. I won’t dare google Black Magic and Jinn stuff-its scary. On a recent trip to Oman, I found myself swimming in the blue waters of the Gulf of Oman that was offset by pristine white rocky beaches and surrounded by astounding mountain terrains. There was more to these visuals though-haunting stories … Continue reading

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