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Improv Class

In improv class, we have to create our reality–like go up on stage and act like we are a photographer in a museum or a participant in a yoga class. Within 5-10 seconds of when our classmates understand what ‘reality’ we created up on the stage, they come and join us and participate in our … Continue reading

Abba: My Father

“Sometimes we need someone to show us, what we can’t see about ourselves.” I love my father a lot. I trace back his life to his very beginnings and discover reasons that justify his behaviors today. I trace back to the times when Abba lived with a completely different group of people; to the times … Continue reading

That first cup of tea- it always tastes the same

New apartment, new city, new country, new office- name it. Whatever new environment it is that you are settling yourself into,  that first cup of tea you make is always going to taste the same. The disposable paper cup. The overheated water. The fragile tea bag. The milk that’s too thin. The sugar that’s not … Continue reading

New Orleans- an unexpected realization

This weekend, while visiting New Orleans, I visited a dear friend’s house that had sunk 15 feet deep in water after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It was past midnight. Audacious explorers that we were, we climbed the fence of this abandoned, white bungalow and entered what we realized was a 7000 square feet mansion. Our … Continue reading

How comfortable are you in breaking a law–with morally good intentions?

How comfortable are you in breaking a law–with morally good intentions? Some fairly contemporary examples: In 1930, Gandhi had the audacity to publicly make his own salt when the British Raj made it illegal to do so. Aaron Swartz, a computer programmer in 2011, systematically downloaded thousands of academic journal articles from JSTOR. He wasn’t necessarily a … Continue reading

Don’t steal my mother’s Bangles

When my grandmother passed away, her jewelry was passed on to her daughters-one being my Mom. Ofcourse, my Mom passed on some of that jewelry to us. I wear a gold bangle that belonged to my grandmother-I wear it because I totally loved my grandmother. There is something strangely ‘possessive’ about Indian women and their … Continue reading

I sold that Arabian Horse.

“Last night I dreamt that the horse that I rode in UAE was somehow shipped to me in North America and I found him lying sick on my sofa. He was not under my control. He was probably sick from his journey. In one instance, he jumped from lying on the sofa, to awake and … Continue reading

To seek Goodness.

“Istikhara” means to seek goodness from God. In a nutshell, it is a prayer you pray when you’re seeking guidance- typically when you’re at a crossroad and you’re torn between two or more options in life of which you may have a slight inclination towards one. So you essentially pray ‘I’m going with this option, but I … Continue reading

Starry starry nights on Road trips

Belonging to a family of six, we always did a lot of road-trips.  In my mind, being in a car was always the safest spot in the world- my entire family neatly arranged within my range of view, mentally swearing that we ‘live or die’ together.  On our day-long, moonlit trips to Makkah, we would cheer … Continue reading

What are we doing with the energy we generate in a gym?

The amount of energy we ‘generate’ during a workout in a gym-where does that energy go? Why is that energy not being stored in a meaningful way? Take this for example: “Pavegen is a promising sidewalk concept that harnesses the kinetic energy generated from footsteps of pedestrians and converts it into electricity. The sidewalk is … Continue reading

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