About Amena

Welcome to my Blog. In this blog, I will reveal the philosopher inside me. I will show you how I think. Afterall,  I have no wealth, but my thoughts.

I am a recent Business Management Graduate.  I believe that studying Business is an excellent opportunity to greatly transform my outlook and perspective on the way the world is developing. With so many successful and genius ventures that have recently been launched, such as India’s E-choupal, the idea of microcredit and MBAs without border, I am truly inspired to go beyond the bureaucratic views of business functionalities and venture into a place where business leaders are truly revolutionizing the way money is circled around in the world.  Witnessing different ways of living (travelling) is the finest way of achieving a holistic perspective on business education.
After two years of studies in Business School, AlhumdulAllah,  I have only confirmed my belief  that leadership is learned primarily by doing and not through lectures.  In my understanding, over the course of two years and four months to get the MBA Degree, opportunities will present themselves and as MBA students, we have to seize these opportunities. The bulk of our education relies on our ability to do so. The MBA will teach us the rules, but we have to figure out for ourselves when it is okay to bend or break the rules. They call it ethics.
The MBA is what you make out of it.  That is what an MBA  really is.

My name, defined:


Pronounced: [Aam-na]
Origin: Arabic
Definition: honest, trustworthy, dignified and loyal.
Derived: from the element ‘amin’ meaning faithful, truthful, trustworthy
History: Am-e-na was the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s mother

Pronounced: Khan, Kh from the epiglottis
Definition: chief or ruler
Origin: Turkic and Central Asian traditions

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