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Bucket List 2013, inshAllah

I think Bucket lists should be generated yearly. So here it is–for 2013, inshAllah. I have all the rights to add more to this list. In my opinion, an established Bucket List makes you more likely to go do these things as a motivation to be able to cross it off. There are a lot of personal bucket-list items that I wish not to disclose. This list is inspired by fellow blogger: Lesley Carter

  1. Have an encounter with a new animal (humans not counted)
  2. Milk a cow or a goat. (Drink the milk-ok fine, no pressure)
  3. Publish more videos of myself
  4. Master three of Mom’s masterpiece dishes.
  5. Visit The Grand canyon
  6. Fall asleep in open air
  7. Ride a new animal. (Behave while doing so.)
  8. Donate blood
  9. Visit Machu Pichu. (Dont’ disappear like the Mayans)
  10. Fly an airplane (Don’t..ahm)
  11. Take Dad to Visit a new country
  12. Go dog sledding
  13. Skydive – again.
  14. Scuba diving–go deeper than the 6 metres that I went. (don’t scare the fishes away)
  15. Learn how to ride a horse and send my friend, Alaa, a pic. (long story short-I promised him a horseride home)
  16. Visit a Cave
  17. Run a Marathon
  18. Learn Arabic-conversational. (Come on Amena–this needs to be done already! Shame on you.)
  19. Beat bro at chess– (for that I have to be good enough such that he plays with me)
  20. Plan at least 5 bucket list adventures for others
  21. Do a roadtrip–with myself as the driver.

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Thinker | Minimalist | Writer | Fearless | Always 110% | Global Citizen | Limited Edition |

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