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A Conversation between my Heart, Brain and my Ego.

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This is how my brain tells my heart that everything is going to be ok with my ego occasionally interrupting.

Heart: I can’t do this.
Brain: You don’t have to.
Heart: THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING ME? I’m not going to do it. Cancel it. Cancel everything right now. Don’t change anything about my life. Leave me alone.
Brain: You know it is the right step for you.
Heart: You’re the biggest idiot I know Brain! Who walks out of her own house? Since when did such stupid ideas start coming to your head? Just shut up already. Leave me alone. Just stop talking to me.
Brain: Have faith Heart. Don’t be a mouse.
Heart: …Faith. Faith is the reason why I’m doing this, not you Brain. You’re hollow anyways. Amena’s brain is hollow. She’s the most stupid girl I know. She invites trouble to her life. Shoots her own feet!!!
Brain: Dude! Ego won’t like that…
Ego: Amena is the queen of the world. She has the heart of a lion.
Heart: Can you both shut up already?? Idiots.
Brain: I’m sure you….
Heart: You know how it always is Brain. I get over it once the change happens. I’ll be fine. Just don’t talk about it and don’t let the tears roll down in public–it makes me look weak.
Ego: Ya. Don’t let the tears roll down. She looks like a girl then.
Brain: Ok.
Heart: I hate you Ego. You only ever think about yourself. Amena’s brain, be with me. Don’t isolate yourself from the environment. Be happy. Talk to everyone. Don’t hide anything.
Brain: Ok. You too. If you want to cry. Just let me know and I’ll tell you when its ok to. You’ve coped up with much bigger obstacles in life and God only gives you what you can handle.
Ego: Ya just make sure you hide your tears…
Brain & Heart: SHUT UP, EGO! You have no say in this.
Heart: Ok. Done.
Brain: We good now?
Heart: Ya inshAllah.

**When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you**


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2 thoughts on “A Conversation between my Heart, Brain and my Ego.

  1. u just spoke my mind Amena , amazing 🙂

    Posted by Ahmad Alashri (@Ahmad_Alashri) | January 25, 2014, 6:49 am

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Thinker | Minimalist | Writer | Fearless | Always 110% | Global Citizen | Limited Edition |

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