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Deafening Silence: In the Desert Dunes

I have close ties with the Middle East-I spent a significant portion of my life in the dunes.  Yesterday when I revisited the desert after almost 14 years, I could not believe the speed at which memories flashed back at me. The endless sights of the sand-dunes. the mirages,  the sparsely scattered petrol pumps, the wandering camels, the blowing sand. There were times on my road trip yesterday when I wanted to see my Dad in the Driver’s Seat. I wanted to see my Mom in her abayah, sitting on the front passenger seat. During the entire trip I was wondering why I was so remorseful about those memories, why wasn’t I embracing them?

Anyways, I was in the desert as a tourist, experiencing the  desert safari where we drove from Dubai to the border of Oman to reach the highest sand dunes and bashed the dunes to Taio Cruz‘s Dynamite.  As we were driving away from Dubai, the color of the dunes became more red for the simple reason that those dunes have a higher percentage of iron in the sand and the consequent oxidation processes. We were totally awestruck as the mesmerizing landscape unfolded below us. When the sun set, the thin crescent of the moon presented itself to us. At one point, we climbed onto our camels. Camels are much taller than I had earlier imagined. I drank unpasteurized milk from a camel I petted just minutes ago. I held a falcon. The desert camp was such a ‘fun’ environment. The seclusion of the tents in the endless desert clearly explains why Arabic families are so closely-knit.

Camel Milk

After a couple of hours in the camp, we headed back home.  Being in the desert felt unbelievably good because of how deafening the silence was-I could gaze at the endless sights of dunes forever. As we headed home, our Tour guide shared stories of Jinns with us.  Once I got back home, I spoke with my sister and realized why it was that I wasn’t embracing those memories. I wasn’t embracing them because I felt selfish experiencing the desert again without my family. The deafening silence resonated with my speechlessness.


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Thinker | Minimalist | Writer | Fearless | Always 110% | Global Citizen | Limited Edition |

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