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Who said only creative people came up with good ideas?

My manager once said that generating ideas is a ‘mindset’.  You can’t just declare that you are not a creative person and leave up idea creation to the left-handed people. We all can do it-just get yourself into the mindset. It was a very eye-opening idea: to realize the value of idea generation.

A lot of people think that because there was no ‘stress’ back in the day,  people were able to take their time to think and that is what allowed all those Eureka discoveries to take place. My friend once told me that “Music will probably end soon because we are out of tunes.”  Ideas never end. Improvement never ends. It’s a never ending cycle. As long as you have the mindset of continuous improvement, ideas will flow out of your mind.

When ideas do come to your mind, however, and you believe in that idea, make sure you run for life to make it come true. There are too many people in this world who stimulate their minds with the same stimuli and end up getting the same ideas. The question is, who has the resources and the network to make those ideas come true. Sometimes I think of ideas and I want to google it up to see if someone else has already implemented it but then I wonder: What if Google searches what I searched and figures out my idea before me? That is pretty much what Google Trends does, doesn’t it?

I find that humor and idea generation go hand in hand.  Here are some interesting ideas that came out of the hilarious show: Seinfeld.

  • A coffee table book that turns into a coffee table. He also plan for a coaster to be built into the cover.
  • A pizzeria where you make your own pizza pie
  • Selling only the top part of a Muffin
  • Installing a garbage disposal as the drain in his shower, so that he can prepare vegetables while showering
  • Redecorating his apartment with the set of The Merv Griffin Show and welcoming house guests as guests on the show
  • Reversing the peephole in his apartment front door so he can see inside
  • Owning his own chicken to obtain fresh eggs. He later discovers that the chicken is really a rooster and trains him to become a cock fighter
  • Getting rid of his refrigerator so that he will only eat fresh food
  • A cologne that smells of the beach, an idea eventually stolen by Calvin Klein
  • Blacking out the divider stripes on two of the lanes in a four lane highway to make it more “luxurious.”
  • Adding wooden levels to his apartment to create space and eliminate furniture.

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One thought on “Who said only creative people came up with good ideas?

  1. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing this-

    Posted by Marc | October 14, 2011, 5:37 am

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