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I don’t want to graduate with an ego

I”m heading for my final MBA term, inshallah. I’ve learned an enormous amount. Here are some scattered thoughts:

I enrolled in this program as a means of changing careers, not to make more money-people will think I did it for money anyways.

I do not feel superior to anybody less or more educated than me-people assume that I think I am superior, and deem me arrogant anyways.

My education and curiosity about business functionality has just begun-people will think that it ends with graduation.

I am incredibly grateful to a handful of people who have helped me along this path, and I strive to remember their favors on me at every stage of my life. Although I have attempted to let words translate my gratitude, I want my progress in the future to speak for itself.

I do not believe that a high salary is a measure of success. I do not believe that success will come to me instantly. I like to believe that it will come in some form or the other, inshAllah.

I don’t believe that I can take the role of an accountant or a nurse but I do believe that I am equipped with the confidence and open-mindedness of being able to converse with and respect these real experts.

I believe that it is very easy for someone at my stage of life, who believes in wearing shades while opening the door into their future, is very susceptible to building up an enormous ego. I am conscious of coming off as being egoistic at every moment of my life and request all the people near and dear to me to remind me when I am stumbling upon my own success.

I have learned a lot and only realized that my knowledge is next to nothing. Even then, I am excited. I am so excited that I can barely keep my feet on the ground as I leap into my future.


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Amena Khan

Thinker | Minimalist | Writer | Fearless | Always 110% | Global Citizen | Limited Edition |

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