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Its like “Being in outer space but underwater”

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Deep Sea Diving is supposed to be a life changing experience. It has been described as:

  • Being in outer space but underwater
  • Serene and out of body experience
  • In 1 word, I would call it freedom: from gravity, surface worries, surface pressures, everyday stresses
  • Peace
  • sensory overload
  • an active, physical form of meditation
  • Scuba diving is the only time in my life I’ve ever known what it feels like to be graceful …
  • closest sensation you’ll ever get to flying
  • Life changing
  • Serenity. Nothing else matters anymore. The world slows itself down, sometimes stands completely still, just for you. All the pressure you felt before is just gone. Gravity has disappeared. All but the most calming of sounds are gone. Light acts strangely. It’s the world I would rather be in.
  • Wonderfully calm, yet invigoratingly alert, completely in control, yet at the capricious whim and mercy of something greater. Looking in wide-eyed wonder, yet feeling at home
  • You discover that you are alive. You are conscious of every breath. You value life-breath by breath.

In a movie I saw recently, one of the protagonists comes to the surface after scuba diving and cries. That is what raised my curiosity not only about what a life changing experience scuba diving must be, but also about why we cry. We cry because there is a build up of energy with feelings. It has to be released. That’s all it is, a release mechanism. Too bad it has such a stigma associated with it.


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