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What does a camera capture? Your ‘picture’ or your confidence?

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Geni. We are all increasingly bringing our ideas and thoughts in the forefront. Most of these websites demand you to upload a ‘profile picture‘.  Although we have managed to fearlessly publish our thoughts, our society has not necessarily coped up with a camera friendly attitude. Not only do we have newer places to publish our pictures in, we have countless tools to capture these images because almost everyone of us owns a camera on our phone and those pictures instantly get published online. Now tell me, in this day and age, can we really afford to be camera conscious?

On another note, a while ago, I read an article about a lady who was stunned to see her mother’s old pictures because it reflected her mother’s ‘cool’ version. All of a sudden she saw a younger woman with skinny jeans, shades, and radiating confidence.  This made me think. I never saw ‘cool’ pictures of my parents and that may be attributed to low availability of cameras, but also to the unwillingness to take ‘natural’ pictures. All I see is groups of people posing with a conscious smile.  Now, if we think about the next generation, how are they going to judge us? When we become weary and old? My Mom and Dad talk about millions of things that they did, but we can only use our imagination to picture what their experiences were like, and here we are, letting Facebook and Twitter track and record every moment of our lives. I wonder, how will this affect the next generation’s ability to judge us?

All I can say is we should all make it a habit to capture pictures that the next generation would be ‘wowed’ to see. Videos do it better than anything.  To translate this idea into action, we need to start by weeding out camera consciousness attitude.  The question is, where does this attitude emerge from? First, our front-flash cameras produce very unflattering images, thus causing us to conclude that we are not ‘photogenic’. While flipping through magazines, we fail to recognize that those perfect pictures portray images of models around whom lighting was strategically experimented with for hours to ‘make them look good’. Moreover, a photograph has the power to make you look terrible-another reason why people dread the camera.

Give it a shot. Let a professional photographer photograph you. Redefine what a picture is: it is not on image of how you look, rather, it is a reflection of the photographers ability to capture you. In my opinion, the camera is a self-esteem/confidence scale. Its your ability to come to terms with your self-image. My dear readers, I think it is time that we all come to terms with our image, because photography and videos are here to stay. In my opinion, we are all minor celebrities to certain groups of people, and so it is time we treat ourselves like ones.


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One thought on “What does a camera capture? Your ‘picture’ or your confidence?

  1. Agreed. I hate almost all posed shots, candid shots express so much more than a staged pose/smile.

    On another note, I’ve seen “cool” pics of the previous generation with bell bottoms and hairdos, it’s hilarious.

    Posted by dehahs | May 9, 2011, 11:24 pm

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Thinker | Minimalist | Writer | Fearless | Always 110% | Global Citizen | Limited Edition |

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