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What should the center of the world be?

Have you ever seen our map on a flat piece of paper. Is it just ironic that North America lies in the top left hand corner? The Earth is a sphere. Then who decided that North America deserved to be in the top left corner? Maybe it was the guy who came up with the concept of an atlas. Sure, he deserved the right to choose the orientation of the map. But do you realize how it unconsciously makes North America look more powerful as it dominates the top left side of the map-the side where we read from? I wouldn’t blame them though. Whoever came up with this orientation of the globe was probably trying to remove the water-side of  the globe in order to capture the most ‘land’ in one picture.

I don’t necessarily think a flipped version is any better, but this is how it looks. See how china is in the center of the world! Well technically, we can flip it around in any way and make every country the center.


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2 thoughts on “What should the center of the world be?

  1. yea i always wondered what it’d be like if cartographers mapped the world upside down.

    on a side note, even the size of the continents is distorted on the modern atlas. africa is actually much, much bigger than it’s drawn.

    Posted by dehahs | April 6, 2011, 11:13 pm
  2. Yes. Very true. Although, I have to say, the droplet like image of South Africa, India and South America will make anybody want to orient the world the way it is. Its more natural.

    The Mercator projection (our perception of the map) creates increasing distortions of size as you move away from the equator. As you get closer to the poles the distortion becomes severe. Cartographers refer to the inability to compare size on a Mercator projection as “the Greenland Problem.” Greenland appears to be the same size as Africa, yet Africa’s land mass is actually fourteen times larger.

    Posted by Amenaskhan | April 6, 2011, 11:48 pm

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