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Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.

So we are all surrounded by people who are constantly complaining. Mind you, I myself complain about stuff, without even realizing it. And then there is gossip. Don’t blame gossip on girls, guys are equally involved in this practice. There is so much excitement when you find out something negative (or positive) about another person.”What? he said what?”, “He makes how much? Wow! Get Out!!!”. Its interesting how little things can excite you.

There is another observation I made: people who have a large and tight group of friends tend to gossip more. And I say this from experience. So, picture you in your little life and 2 really good friends. Now, suppose that one fine morning you go out to a store and something unusual happens (maybe you meet someone, you see someone etc.). It is at this point when the adrenaline rush will hit you. Not because something ‘unusual’ happened, but because you just got something ‘new’ to share with your 2 friends ( who you will be seeing this evening, as you always do) and you just “can’t wait” to tell them the story, not to mention the exaggeration. All the oohs, the aahs and what not. Now, mind you, there may be nothing negative or positive in the talk, but its just talk which eventually leads to a lot of inside jokes and over-analysis, group thinking, and excessively strong opinions. If those 2 friends were not part of your little life, then you would have enjoyed that unusual situation, and perhaps even learned from it.  Maybe that person you met in the store could become a close friend of yours, but you chose to make that person an source of gossip rather than allowing yourself to acquaint with them.

I think that when you have a sense of individuality and you know who you are, then you are less likely to find the time or the interest to become involved in other people’s lives. Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. Perhaps, we can all just stop talking so much and life would be merrier, a lot merrier.


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One thought on “Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.

  1. interesting…I must say. I definitely think that knowing who u are is important and is the key to reducing gossiping or the emotional effects it may causes to u personally.

    However, I don’t necessarily believe it’s the key to stop ppl from doing it. Gossiping is evident in many forms, it could be simple (like u said discussing/exagg. something unusual that happened to u while going to the store etc).

    I believe humans crave for a sense of belonging, acceptance and a social life..and so at times this lead to conformity into gossiping. Everyone want to be liked and some ppl do this by any means necessary

    Posted by Kerry-Ann | June 23, 2010, 2:18 am

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