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Whenever. Whenever in my life, I’ve felt the slightest bit of an accomplishment, my eyes eagerly search-they search for my Mother. If she is not around, I’ll reach out to my phone. I’ll call her, or I’ll text her. Its not because I just want her to know– its because my own achievements look more beautiful through her eyes–a countless times more beautiful. Its through her, that I see my most beautiful self.





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Amena Khan

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  • May paradise be written for all of us. 2 days ago
  • An eternity passed in the past few weeks. Something happened. Like its a new beginning. I don't know what but something happened. 3 days ago
  • Sometimes you don't feel the weight of what you are carrying till you feel the weight of its release. #ris 1 week ago
  • You are not on my mind--- I am. I am on my mind. 1 week ago
  • Via @NPR: Disgraced Scientist Clones Dogs, And Critics Question His Intent n.pr/1JkKiFN 1 week ago
  • It always circles back. My mind always circles back. 1 week ago
  • If you wish for light...be ready to receive light. #Rumi 1 week ago
  • What you seek is also seeking you. #Rumi 1 week ago
  • Most lies are told without ever being spoken.-- @indemaio 2 weeks ago
  • To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself. -Chinese Proverb 2 weeks ago
  • “You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.” -Ernest Hemingway 2 weeks ago
  • Yesterday it rained for several years, so today let us walk the sun-glistened path. --@indemaio 2 weeks ago
  • My mom told me that I am precious. The term means an object, substance, or resource of great value; not to be wasted or treated carelessly 2 weeks ago
  • U r my friend. 3 weeks ago
  • “It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn't” Martin Van Buren 3 weeks ago

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