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Whenever. Whenever in my life, I’ve felt the slightest bit of an accomplishment, my eyes eagerly search-they search for my Mother. If she is not around, I’ll reach out to my phone. I’ll call her, or I’ll text her. Its not because I just want her to know– its because my own achievements look more beautiful through her eyes–a countless times more beautiful. Its through her, that I see my most beautiful self.





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Amena Khan

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  • I think there is a difference between loving the idea of a person versus loving who they actually are. 3 hours ago
  • Take responsibility of your failure #dondraper #MadMen 4 days ago
  • RT @CBSNews: 81-year-old cancer patient calls 911 because he's hungry and has no food; operator delivers groceries in person http://t.co/7t… 1 week ago
  • People who know the least about u talk about u the most. 1 week ago
  • Islamic knowledge, as important as it is is always secondary to good character #noumanalikhan 1 week ago
  • Develop a thick skin and be patient against those who stoop low when criticizing u.Allah will defend the honor of those who r sincere to Him 1 week ago
  • ‘And that’s how I know when it’s over. It’s not a weakness. It’s been a gift to me. To know when to move on.’ #BettyFrancis #MadMen 1 week ago
  • "Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable" 1 week ago
  • When I cry to someone, it's my way of indicating to them that I respect them and that I need their kindness. 1 week ago
  • RT @muftimenk: Three little words; so hard to say, yet they can move mountains. Saying "I am sorry" sincerely could mend bridges & forge ne… 1 week ago
  • RT @muftimenk: If you can finally find it in your heart to forgive the person who broke it in the first place, you're truly blessed and at … 1 week ago
  • RT @muftimenk: Be patient with yourself. We've all been hurt & learnt painful lessons. But each time, we pick ourselves up & move on with q… 1 week ago
  • RT @muftimenk: Regardless of how many mistakes you've committed, if you're trying to change & repent, you're still ahead of those who aren'… 1 week ago
  • RT @muftimenk: We tend to want what we can't have. Once we have it, we no longer want it. Don't let this vicious cycle consume you and leav… 1 week ago
  • Time and tide wait for no man 1 week ago

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